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WTC fron NJ 1990

Photo by Edgar de Evia from the 1970s

NYC PortraitI pursued a career within the NYC investment banking industry beginning in 1996 where I developed a diverse skillset and earned accomplishments while working with C-level Wall Street talent in executive administration, human resourcing, the registered representatives “bullpen,” technology and communication, training education and development, business analysis, and global risk management. I began investing in precious metals in 1999 while following financial market trends post-Dotcom bubble and 9/11, then exited corporate investment banking in the dark days of the great financial crisis after five years in risk management at Citigroup.

As an independent investor-trader, I was mentored and began cutting my professional technical analysis teeth in a live trading room venue for three years where I developed and hosted a Precious Hour live webinar. A BFA with high honors from one of the leading visual arts institutions in the world and freelance work in photography and publishing in New York City afforded me an uncanny ability to readily recognize complex stock chart patterns in combination with various technical studies. The Precious Hour specializes in gold and silver, mining stocks, and general equities, combined with research on industry fundamentals, global news, geopolitics, and monetary policy, otherwise known as Fusion Analysis.

My technical analysis charting has promulgated through social and financial media platforms since 2013. I interview with financial publications, appear as a guest on live talk radio, provide market analysis behind the scenes upon request, and publish articles about the precious metals industry and financial markets.

I can be reached via the contact page, as well as the @TraderStefTwitter feed, where a follow is not necessary to send a direct message. Don’t miss the archive of material uploaded at my YouTube channel.


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