Firearms to Live Free or Die Will Not Be Shrugged Off in 2023

As the general public’s concern over the increase in violent crime and civil unrest has risen, all demographics have armed up with guns and ammo.

The Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part XI

The long expected Russian winter offensive in Ukraine has begun today. Did you expect a breaking news flash on an idiot box or dumbphone?

The American Gulag

Divine intervention would be nice right now, but getting your financial house in order is your job and of utmost importance at the moment. Got some gold and silver?

A Polak’s Message to the Central Banks’

A Polak’s Message to the Central Banks' - Poland's gold repatriation, and geopolitical counterparty risk is an issue not seen since the great world wars.

No Appeasement by the Polish Resistance and They Deserve Reparations

No Appeasement by the Polish Resistance and They Deserve Reparations - Poland was the only European country that never capitulated to the Nazi war machine.