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Welcome to a precious hour of time well spent for the financial gormandizer that keeps a finger on the pulse of the markets. The blog features fusion/technical analysis for savvy metal-heads that invest in, trade, and follow the precious metals gold and silver, mining stocks, stock market indices and equities, as well as thoughtful commentary on current events and financial markets.

A technical analysis trading workshop (updated Apr. 2021) with one-on-one or group webinar-style remote room is available to explore a new strategy for your investing toolbox, especially for the beginner or intermediate level trader that aspires to be seasoned. You will find realistic and reasonable analysis focused on profit and capital preservation based on market conditions and price action with proven methods to execute low-risk entries.

Article publication and charting are available by request for private clients and financial publications. All are welcome to reference my technical analysis and/or a partial version of an article that must accompany a TraderStef™ credit linked back to this website. An archive of choice interviews are available on YouTube. In the meantime peruse my bio, add yourself to the growing blog email notification list via the sidebar button, and follow @TraderStef on Twitter (building followers at Gab too) for real-time updates and general commentary.

One of my most important and prescient articles on the pandemic is “The Disregard of Informed Consent and Echoes of Nuremberg,” published on Mar. 31, 2021. The most recent live talk radio interview was published on Jun. 20 with notes and gold & silver charts. My next time-slot on Operation Freedom live talk radio with Dr. Dave Janda is scheduled for August 8, 2021 at 2-2:30pm EDT.

  • July 221oz 2021 Proof American Eaglew Gold Coin $2,700, Gold Spot $1,805U.S. Mint
  • July 22 – 1oz 2021 BU American Eagle Type1 Silver Coin $44, Silver Spot $25.25 – Texas PM

Gold Spot – Monthly Chart as of Jul. 31, 2020 close…

Gold Monthly Chart July 30, 2020 Close - Technical Analysis by TraderStef


E-trade Baby Loses Everything – “Stef will save me.”


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