Testimonials about TraderStef's articles and stock chart technical analysis.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words through the years!


“For technicals, I go to @TraderStef. She called this spike, and has the best technical analysis around.” – Jim Rickards, Mar. 2022

Jim Rickards Kudos Mar. 8, 2022

Joshua Mar. 8, 2022 Trading Workshop Testimonial

“Stef you are the most decent account in my feed and love all your work & cutting edge stuff.”- @Thehaliliaktas, Jan. 2021

Twitter Thehaliliaktas - Kind Words for TraderStef

“One of the sharpest technical minds I follow. I concur. Need to get by December Comex contract expiring today. My early Christmas shopping list is out and ready to pounce as noted before.” – Peter Grandich, Nov. 2020

Your Harvestor of Sorrow (article & Twitter thread) has helped me to be level headed when it comes to Covid-19.  I to need to thank you Stef.  The best and clearest info on the Net.  Thank you from the UK. Regards to you and yours.”@irwindowcleaner, Oct. 2020

Harvester of Sorrow - A Thank You to TraderStef from the UK - Pandemic COVID-19 SARSCoV2 Herald Wave Second Wave 2nd Wave

@TraderStef, one of the sharpest analysts around. Always ahead of the power curve.” Jim Rickards, Jan. – Apr. 2020

Jim Richards on Twitter Endorsement of TraderStef Analysis Apr. 29 2020 - Technical/Fusion Analysis by TraderStef.comJim Rickards Technical Analysis Kudos to TraderStef January 5, 2020

“Your coronavirus coverage has been SUPERB right from the beginning… when it was dismissed by everyone.” – PRSHope on Twitter, Mar. 6, 2020

TraderStef Coronavirus COVID19 Pandemic Coverage Recognition

“Awesome precious metals thread by the great TraderStef.
If you’re not following her, you are missing out.” – SemperArgentum

Libertarian Populism Twitter Sep 1 2019 Awesome TraderStef PM Article

Silver Doctors Logo

“I think your writing does a good job of balancing our gold & silver coverage.”

SilverDoctors.com – April, 2019


“Thanks!  Also, your blog/analysis is excellent, and very much appreciated.” Bonsai Gold

Bonsai Gold on Twiiter - Appreciation for TraderStef Fusion Analysis

“Must read TraderStef, one of the top financial analysts in the world” Dr. Dave Janda

Testimonial from Dr Dave Janda - TraderStef is one of the top Financial Analysts in the world October 2018

“Through what accident of nature did I accidentally unfollow TraderStef?  This must be rectified right now” – Ed van der Walt at Bloomberg

Testimonial from Ed van der Walt at Bloomberg - must follow TraderStef October 2018

Testimonial from Ed van der Walt at Bloomberg - recognize talent when I see it December 2018

“Mercy I have learned a lot from you through the years. Sending many Well Wishes” – OutdoorsMc

Testimonial from OutdoorsMC - Learned a lot from you over the years - December 2018

“I really appreciate your perspectives on day trades.  I’m more medium to long-term focused with my own Elliott wave stuff, but slowly trying to absorb aspects of day trading – Thank You” David Paul

Testimonial from David Paul - Thank You TraderStef November 2018

“This article is another splendid chapter in your series for Crush The Street… context and more context peppered with meticulous / awesome price charting” – PRSHope

Testimonial from PRSHope - TraderStef does Splendid and Meticulous Price Charting - June 2018

Two out of many private direct messages and emails…

Testimonial from private direct messages and emails - TraderStef most accurate technical analysis

Testimonial from private direct messages and emails - nailed crypto bitcoin technical analysis

“Listen to a professional” – Monetary Mayhem

Testimonial from Monetary Mayhem - Listen to a Pro July 2016

“Thanks TraderStef.  A big shout out for Stef to anyone who wants to follow a Technical Analysis genius!  I appreciate the chart” – Stephen Kendal

Testimonial from Stephen Kendal - TraderStef a Technical Analysis Genius February 2016

Gold chart technical analysis: “This is a work of art in my opinion” – Simon

Testimonial from Simon - TraderStef Charts a Work of Art September 2015

Successful $100 swing trade in gold covered by Jim Sinclair’s website – July, 2013.

Testimonial of TraderStef Gold Technical Analysis - $100 Successful Swing Trade Posted at Jim Sinclair Mineset July 2013

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