Anthology of TraderStef’s Series on NATO’s Proxy War With Russia in Ukraine

Anthology of TraderStef’s Series on NATO’s Proxy War With Russia in Ukraine

The Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike / Part I-XII


  • I – Apr. 7 (Twitter thread) As the West pounds sand over Russia deploying huge amounts of military hardware to Ukraine border, history is not a theatre of happiness.
  • The Sit-Down Between Stumbling Biden and Poker Face Putin – Jun. 15
  • II – Oct. 31 (thread) President Putin of Russia has repeatedly warned that any expansion of NATO’s military infrastructure on Ukraine’s soil would represent a red line.


  • III – Jan. 29 (thread) The Crimean Peninsula needs a land bridge and a reliable source of water from the Dnieper River that divides west and east Ukraine.
  • IV – Feb. 21 (thread) Putin declared independence for Donetsk & Luhansk as Russian Military rolls into Donbas on a peacekeeping mission.
  • Russia’s Retreat From Counterparty Risk and SWIFT Over Ukraine, Part 2 – Feb. 26
  • The Inflationary Black Gold Rush at the Gas Pump, Part 3 – Mar. 25
  • V – Apr. 30 (thread) The world is closer to witnessing the use of some type of nuclear weapons due to war in the Ukraine than during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.
  • BRICS+ Multipolar Era Replacing the NWO and Weaponized Petrodollar – Jul. 2
  • Little Green Men and Human Shields of Hypocrisy in the Ukraine War – Aug. 5 (thread)
  • VI – Sep. 14 (thread) “Western half-wits from stupid think tanks are leading their countries down the road of nuclear war Armageddon with a hybrid war against Moscow.”
  • A Dark Age Winter of Discontent in Europe, Part 3 – Sep. 25 (thread)
  • VII – Sep. 30 (thread) Western leadership is marching into war “with willful ignorance, naivety, sticking their collective heads in the sand, unwilling to see the threats.”
  • OPEC+ Culls Biden’s Energy Policy and Weaponization Narrative – Oct. 6
  • VIII – Oct. 11 (thread) In the event of an attack on Crimea, Medvedev was quoted by TASS that “Judgment Day will come very fast and hard. It will be very difficult to hide.”
  • IX – Nov. 24 (thread) Ukraine to be annihilated if a ceasefire and path to peace are not found before winter sets in and mud-season fields freeze east of the Dnieper River.
  • X – Dec. 17 (thread) The Deployment of U.S. boots on the ground or Patriot Missiles in Ukraine sounds like mission creep and existential threats for Russia.


  • XI – Jan. 21 (thread) The long expected Russian winter offensive in Ukraine has begun today. Did you expect a breaking news flash on an idiot box or dumbphone?
  • The Recession Arrived With Wardogs and Goldilocks’ Hopium in 2023 – Jan. 29
  • XII – Feb. 20 (thread) War is not won due to misplaced moral supremacy or numbers, but geography, strategy, and logistics w/strong supply lines solidify victory.

To Be Continued

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Ukraine has already lost. She only has one way out…“Not militarily yet, but definitely economically. It will not be able to make up for the colossal damage that it has suffered on its own, even if a peace agreement is signed tomorrow. Kyiv has no money for this… Zelensky is resisting, sending children and old people to hold Artemivsk. And he cares little about how many lives of ordinary Ukrainians will have to be sacrificed for the sake of maintaining power.” – RIA Novosti, Mar. 5

Everyone Should Be Afraid Of War – Douglas Macgregor w/Michael Savage, Mar. 1

Everyone Should Be Afraid Of War - Col. Douglas Macgregor Interview with Michael Savage

Bakhmut has fallen, bridges blown – Matt VanDyke w/Judge Napolitano, Mar. 3

Ammunition, Tanks & Russian Offensive – Col. Douglas Macgregor w/Judge Napolitano, Feb. 15

Putin’s address to Russia one year after SMO start – RT / Sky News / FirstPost – Feb. 21

China’s Wang Yi in Moscow & The Growing Isolation of the West – The Duran, Feb. 22

Neocon WW3 Because Monetary System Collapsing – Martin Armstrong w/USAWatchdog – Feb. 22

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