BRICS+ Multipolar Era Replacing the NWO and Weaponized Petrodollar

The ruling elites of some Western countries refuse to notice the obvious shift and choose to cling to shadows of the past.

The Inflationary Black Gold Rush at the Gas Pump – Part 3

Another SPR release and stimulus checks will not reduce inflation, the price of oil, gasoline, or diesel for any significant period of time.

Russia’s Retreat From Counterparty Risk and SWIFT Over Ukraine

The Russians said they regard the use of SWIFT as a weapon to be an act of war, and European partners have no appetite for it.

NOPEC Jaws Threaten the OPEC Petrodollar Boat

NOPEC Jaws Threaten the OPEC Petrodollar Boat - back a domestic dollar with gold before countries like China or Russia “jump the shark.”