Record Student Loan Debt and the Clueless Mob’s Forgiveness Finale

Biden’s socialist wealth transfer is paid by 2/3 of Americans with no degree for 1/3’s education as a crass political payoff. Debt is never wiped out.

Societal Menticide and Hot Bunkers Without a Tradable Stock

If you repudiate what is occurring and hope that you’ll roll out of bed to the “Before Time,” odds are high that the woke mob squad will sequester you to a reeducation program.

The American Gulag

Divine intervention would be nice right now, but getting your financial house in order is your job and of utmost importance at the moment. Got some gold and silver?

EUxit the Globalist European Union of Bureaucratic Intransigence

EUxit the Globalist European Union of Bureaucratic Intransigence - George Washington must be turning in his Nationalist grave watching the BREXIT debacle.

Nanny State Boss and the Chief of Cows Hypocrisy

Nanny State Boss and the Chief of Cows Hypocrisy - AOC may be waking up to how important the Constitution, liberty, and privacy actually are.