The Heart of the Steel War is National Security – Cowards and Cash Need Not Apply


Despite the focus on China, trade deficit numbers, and cost by the mainstream media, steel and aluminum tariffs are not a Chinese-focused issue. U.S. national security is the focal point commandeered by the administration in a push to rebuild our infrastructure and manufacturing base. In a recent article published in February, I discussed the Pentagon’s enormous budget boost for a TBTF military industrial complex. The issue at hand is highlighted, where in Sep. 2017, 10 retired generals and flag officers sent a letter to the POTUS urging him to wrap up the national security investigations into steel and aluminum imports.

Military Leaders Tell Trump to Act on Steel and Aluminum Imports “Before It Is Too Late”… “America’s increasing reliance on imported steel and aluminum from potentially hostile or uncooperative foreign governments, or via uncertain supply routes, jeopardizes our national security. If U.S. manufacturing capabilities are compromised, we will be forced to rely on countries like China and Russia to supply our military and critical infrastructure needs.” – Alliance for American Manufacturing, Sep. 2017 (2016 White Paper Report)

…IMHO, there is a more sinister issue brewing under the surface that is not being fully exposed to us sheep, which is inferior quality of imported products

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