TraderStef on Operation Freedom – Live w/Dr. Dave Janda on WAAM 1600AM Talk Radio, Sep. 8, 2019

Dorothy’s Silver Slippers Addendum – My Father’s Afterlife Message

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being a return guest on live radio at Dr. Dave Janda’s Operation Freedom. Here is the interview on YouTube with a few notes, links, and charts to follow along the way.


  • Introduction by Dr. Janda
  • Dorothy’s Silver Shoes and the Wizard of Oz

  • Wizard of Oz Article & Interview as the Conduit for My Father’s Afterlife Messages

  • Father Nathan Castle on Coast to Coast AM

  • “And Toto, Too, The Wizard of Oz as a Spiritual Adventure”

  • Toto the Dog as God is a Semordnilap
  • Fed’s Constraint of the POTUS and 2020 Election – Global Financial Crisis Looming

  • Gold and Silver Technical Analysis
  • Savvies Were Aware of the Near-Term Risk for a Pullback in Gold and Silver

  • Gold and Silver are the Nutritional Base of Money

Gold & Silver charts from the Sep. 7, 2019 analysis referenced during the interview:


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