Mercantile Sense on Gold

Gold Mercantile Sense

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Most of you have likely experienced a precognitive moment in your life. Rationalize and call them whatever makes you comfortable. They tend to be extremely lucid and occur while awake or sleeping. Those moments burn into your memory in full color with all senses imprinted, and are often emotional but unique vs. a feeling. Last evening, a lucid dream invaded my sleep for the first time in a very long time. Candlesticks on the gold spot chart entered a sudden uptrend and leveled off into consolidation. I do not know what event triggered the price action and cannot provide a definitive time period or price point. I can say the move was largesse in scope. I’ve had those mercantile sense moments in the past, both bullish and bearish.

Just putting it out there. God speed.

Warm Regards,

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