Collector Silver Coin Release at US Mint Today at 12 noon EDT

In my recent interview and article on gold and silver, I suggested getting your hands on proof and/or bright uncirculated (BU) numismatic/collector coins slated for release with a low mintage in 2021. Here is an opportunity that will sell out quickly today at the US Mint starting at 12 noon EDT. Good luck!

American Eagle BU 1oz W Sep. 9, 2021 US Mint Release

CoinNews published an overview this morning:

Redesigned 2021-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Launch… “This coin is struck as a collector-grade version of the U.S. Mint’s program of American Eagle silver bullion coins… This year’s coin has more going for it than perhaps all past issues, including a refreshed obverse, a brand new reverse, an edge variation, and a stated production limit of 175,000.” – CoinNews, Sep. 9

I purchased the Type 1 & 2 without a ‘W’ (released today) mintage mark a month ago. They are graded MS-70 by NGC and PCGS. Note the new Eagle design on Type 2 vs. the Type 1 design since inception.

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