Gold and Silver for Spring 2022 – Technical Analysis

Your broker, trading platform, or opinion of what the price should or should not be is irrelevant to the discovery process and price you buy or sell at.

Gold and Silver Rise in the Fog of War Part 2 – Technical Analysis

Pundits and plebes that whined about precious metals not rising to higher highs fast enough are now facing a bull for all the wrong reasons.

The (Un)safe Deposit Box Dilemma – Part 2

Don’t be careless with your most important personal property by inviting counterparty risk that you will regret with no recourse available.

Dogged by the War on Cash – Part 2

Dogged by the War on Cash - Part 2 - Big Brother’s Orwellian panopticon plan to digitize currency will erode your liberty and net worth until you wake up.

Spoofing the Gold and Silver Ambulance Chasers

Spoofing the Gold and Silver Ambulance Chasers - focus your time and energy on trading skills and actionable knowledge for investing.