A Watchlist for Trading the Chip Addiction – Part 2

The just-in-time supply chain for semiconductor microchips fell into the abyss this week as China ordered power cuts to manufacturing facilities.

A Watch List for Trading the Chip Addiction

There are only three major FABs (fabricating facilities) in the world today, with two of them in Asia and one in the U.S. at Intel.

Econ Data is Burning, and Gold Technical Analysis for Luddites

Econ Data is Burning and Gold Technical Analysis for Luddites - Traders/investors who despise automated trading platforms and realized the only way to beat the machines.

Dorothy’s Silver Shoes and the Gold-to-Silver Ratio Fallacy

Dorothy’s Silver Shoes and the Gold to Silver Ratio Fallacy - GSR pundits remind me of Dorothy’s dream vs. the real tornado that knocked her out.