Price Derangement Syndrome Déjà Vu – Gold and Silver Technical Analysis

Imaginary speed bumps will not save you in this global matrix that is littered with a mindless-millisecond hell.

A Robbin-da-Hood “Silver Squeeze” Requiem

Seasoned professionals in the financial markets fleeced Reddit and Robinhood Muppets for 30 pieces of silver.

Monkey Hammered Muppets and Gold Technical Analysis

Monkey Hammered Muppets and Gold Technical Analysis - Technocracy has unknowingly unleashed a self-aware contemporary Hal upon the financial markets.

Spoofing the Gold and Silver Ambulance Chasers

Spoofing the Gold and Silver Ambulance Chasers - focus your time and energy on trading skills and actionable knowledge for investing.

A Rant on the “New” Uncharted Territory

A Rant on the “New” Uncharted Territory - the ghost of a Goldilocks economy has yet to exit prestitute airwaves.