Gold & Silver Double Trouble with Dr. Dave Janda and SGTreport – Two TraderStef Interviews Released on the Same Day

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Last week was a busy week.

The interview with SGTreport is a chartfest on all things gold and a brief analysis on bitcoin at the end.  Sean was a great host and made my maiden voyage with SGTreport a smooth sailing experience. A big shoutout goes to Kenneth Ameduri at CrushTheStreet for making this cruise possible.


The second interview is another return visit with Dr. Dave Janda on Operation Freedom live talk radio where we pick up the pace and stuff a lot of information into a very short time slot.


A must listen to wrap up today’s double trouble fun, is the following RealVision episode by Grant Williams on the gold manipulation meme, which was published just prior to the release of both of my interviews and is briefly noted with Dr. Janda.

It is the first time I have seen such a broad and balanced point of view compiled into one presentation, and is a great effort by Grant in presenting both sides of the manipulation fence. What is not missing here is the failure of GATA to bust the government 20-years ago in court where they discovered that rare and outright intervention by the government is legal Teflon. What is missing is any mention of how the chaos that high-frequency trading (HFT) and algorithms within our modern automated trading environment has proliferated  exponentially over the last 15+-years and produced  “Broken Markets” that masquerade as manipulation with intent.


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