TraderStef on Operation Freedom – Live w/Dr. Dave Janda on WAAM 1600AM Talk Radio, Feb. 20, 2022

Potential Insurance Industry Bust Over Excess Pandemic Deaths – Part 2

I had the pleasure of being a return guest on live talk radio this past Sunday with Dr. Dave Janda on Operation Freedom. We discussed the Freedom Convoy phenomenon, a looming insurance industry bust due to excess deaths and disabilities following mRNA inoculations, recent price action in gold and silver as the crisis with Ukraine vs. Russia escalates into to a broader war, and the global debt bubble. Here is the interview at my YouTube channel and Dr. Janda’s copy at his channel.

You can peruse the 2019-2022 Pandemic anthology at its menu page. Here are the articles and information referenced during Sunday’s interview:

“Insurance industry data is completely non-political. You can debate masks and vaccines all day long, but the debate inevitably bogs down into politics and people just choose sides and don’t listen. Insurance is different. Dead is dead. (I’ll add that Disabilities are Disabilities … Jim goes on to say…) Ratios are ratios. The insurance industry has no political axe to grind, but they lose a ton of money when actual events deviate from actuarial expectations. Their data is also the canary in the coal mine. When trends change, they’re among the first to know.” – Jim Rickards, Feb. 19

  • Looks Like There’s a Whale Snapping Up Gold Bullion Below $1,800 – Bloomberg, Feb. 2
The Dip Buying at Shallow Dips Under $1,800 - Technical Analysis by TraderStef Feb. 2, 2022 8:45am ET

USD Treasuries $bln/Percentage Since 2000 – Outstanding/ Foreign Holdings/ Percent Foreign…

USD Treasuries - Foreign Holdings - Percent Outstanding - Percent Held by Foreign

Global Debt by Sector in USD Trillion, 1Q99 to 3Q21…

Global Debt by Sector in USD Trillions 1Q99-3Q21

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