TraderStef on Operation Freedom – Live w/Dr. Dave Janda on WAAM 1600AM Talk Radio, Feb. 21, 2021

Texageddon is Rasping the Green New Deal Utopians

I had the pleasure of being a return guest on live radio yesterday with Dr. Dave Janda’s Operation Freedom. Below is the interview on YouTube along with notes, articles, and charts to follow along the way. The rally in gold and silver this morning confirms my technical analysis discussed during the interview.

“Did you think the $93 trillion New Green Deal plan was designed to save a planet from its innate climate cycles with renewable energy? Think again. Only $8 trillion is slated for green energy infrastructure and the remaining $85 trillion goes to “guaranteed” jobs, housing, healthcare, and food security. Roughly 91% of the 10-year plan is structured to transform the U.S. economy into socialist statehood by redistributing debt-wealth and corralling the populace into centralized government dependence to prime the plebs for “The Naked Emperors’ Great Reset” (Twitter thread). Adding China’s Skynet surveillance model to the mix would multiply the futility of any resistance from the plebs or remaining patriots.”

“Many believe that a new currency and monetary system reset are approaching our doorstep sooner than anticipated. Many believe the world has been in a depression since the Great Financial Crisis. Many believe that the U.S. and global sovereign debt levels have become unsustainable. Many believe a globalist scheme is afoot to implement a New World Order. Many believe there is a preference by an elite oligarchy to reduce the global population. Many believe agriculture is under threat due to genetic modifications. Many believe that the climate is changing and the weather is regionally modified intermittently. Many believe that the physical and mental health of humanity is suffering from untold disease manifestations due to various types of environmental pollution and pharmaceutical mayhem. Many believe that the U.S. presidential election experienced widespread fraud this year. Many believe the U.S. is moving toward a democratic-socialist revolution and/or civil war. Many believe that artificial intelligence (AI) and technology are controlling our lives at an alarming rate. Many believe we are not alone in the universe. Many believe that the 2020 pandemic has set the stage for a Great Reset. Freaked out yet?”

“President Biden and his cohorts have rammed through an unprecedented 52 executive orders and actions within the first three weeks of occupying the White House. U.S. “energy dominance” that was brought to fruition with pivotal policies and a reduction in regulation by the Trump administration is going poof as the new dictator and chief strokes his pen. The price of oil and gas at your local petrol pump is already rising and the cost of consumer products across the board will be impacted soon. Biden’s actions are wiping out well-paying jobs at a time when the country needs to keep the economic ship afloat.”

“In light of recent events that include the retail precious metals industry being wiped out of physical silver bullion inventory, mayhem in select equities before a few precious metal mining stocks and ETFs were targeted via Robinhood and other brokerage platforms, and extreme volatility in the gold and silver spot market despite the balanced Futures data that preceded it, my focus will be on silver today. Unless indicated otherwise, all quotes from my Twitter thread have dated hyperlinks.”

  • We were ‘dangerously close’ to collapse of ‘entire system,’ says Interactive Brokers founder ahead of GameStop hearing – MarketWatch, Feb. 17

To view a larger version of either chart below, right-click on it and choose your “view image” option.

  • Silver Spot Daily Chart as of Feb. 19, 2021 Close – by TraderStef for Feb. 21 Interview
  • Gold Spot Daily Chart as of Feb. 19, 2021 Close – by TraderStef for Feb. 21 Interview

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